Custom Isn’t Scary

By Lightboard Technologies
October 28, 2019

Nothing frightens customers quite like the word “custom.” If you look closely, you can almost see the spectre of it cross their faces as they imagine climbing costs, hopeless complexity and exorbitant lead-times. 

But don’t worry. Custom isn’t the fright you may think. In fact, it may be just what’s needed to get your project up and running — on time and on budget. 

LightBoard Technologies offers a wide variety of LED lighting solutions, with many levels of customization available — from the simple and straightforward to wildly elaborate. Whether you want to retrofit an existing fixture, adapt an application for modularity, or design a singular, flagship piece, we make custom LED lighting easy for you. 


A custom project is one that’s uniquely designed for efficiency. This means utilizing exactly what’s needed to get the job done right — and nothing more. No coils of extraneous wire. No superfluous power supplies. Our team of experts provide the industry experience and practical problem-solving skills to ensure each job precisely meets your requirements. 


A custom project may cost less than you expect. With almost 100,000 meters of LEDs in our warehouse, along with both domestic and overseas manufacturing capabilities, we are positioned to deliver your next project at a great value. 


Retail moves at the speed of light, and we understand that you don’t have time to waste. After nearly a decade in the industry, we’ve established the supply chain and relationships that reduce lead times and streamline processes. Our in-house engineering, full-time production staff, and customer service team ensure that your project deadlines are met without sacrifice to quality or support. 

Forget the Fear

It may be the time of year for thrills and chills, but not here. Let us take the fear out of your next lighting project. Reach out to us today.