Value Engineering for Better Performance and Lower costs.

By Lightboard Technologies
July 28, 2022

At LightBoard Technologies we leverage our experience and knowledge in LED lighting to engineer products that enhance performance and improve efficiencies.  As our portfolio of LED lighting products, designed specifically for in-store retail display fixtures, continues to grow,  our focus is on creating advancements that drive more impact at the point-of-sale.  Since customers have told us they are looking for light engines that can deliver this impact with maximum value, we’ll continue to design our products to meet these needs.


Our focus has been to continually analyze the current functionality of our products within the ever changing marketplace and identify opportunities for improvement. These designs take into consideration evolving technologies, simplifying installation, using less costly material, and using fewer and/or lighter materials.  We evaluate our designs based how efficiently they achieve the desired objectives.  In many cases, new designs provide both cost savings and enhanced performance. 

Benefits of Designing for Value

  • Brighter output
  • Easier installation 
  • Optimal light dispersion 
  • Cost-effective shipping and installation
  • Customizable components
  • Power efficiency
  • Better thermal management
LightBoard Technologies has received numerous patents that demonstrate our commitment to innovative engineering.