Our LED Light Panels just got 33% more efficient

By Lightboard Technologies
June 6, 2022

Innovations to our LED lights along with the evolution in acrylic light guide plates has improved efficiency and performance 

LightBoard Technologies strives to provide the most innovative lighting solutions for the retail display market.  Over the last few years, we have taken giant strides to provide our customers with the best light panels in the market.  Our engineers have made improvements in lighting performance with a focus on minimizing costs.  At the same time, we have partnered with an industry leader in laser dotting technology to ensure optimal results in carrying light across the light guide plate. In the end, the marriage of efficient LEDs with enhanced light guide plates has led to a superior lighting solution for your project.

Energy Savings & Performance 

Our ongoing research and design has led to a more efficient light panel allowing for a reduction in the amount of energy needed while still maintaining a high level of brightness

  • 33% less power consumption than previous panels
  • Uniform light for consistent dispersion 
  • Fewer power supplies for reduced energy costs
  • Optimal brightness for enhanced graphics

More Reasons to Try 

Efficiency and performance are just some of the reasons to go with our next generation of light panels 

  • Fewer materials means less waste, reduced weight and lower shipping costs 
  • Optimum thermal management for longer life
  • Domestic assembly translates to competitive pricing and shorter lead times
  • Custom built for your application
  • Constant current technology available for even illumination across large panels 
  • Light panels are dimmable and can be used with standard PWM dimmers
  • Can be produced using 100% recycled acrylic