This challenge included a complex fixture with multiple, independent elements that required uniform lighting: the tabletop logo, table edges, and the interior and exterior of an infinity mirror.


  • Uniform illumination
  • Seamless integration
  • Heat management
  • Modularity for multiple configurations
  • 5V USB-C power option


To accomplish uniform illumination, each element required custom lighting, using different strip lengths, LED density, light intensity and custom controllers.

For bright, continuous light within the infinity mirror, we developed a custom light strip without solder joints that featured 396 LEDs per meter. To match that light intensity to the exterior of the mirror and other elements, we utilized custom LED strips and dimmer controllers.

Without an adequate heatsink for the exterior of the mirror, we customized a strip with lower output to minimize heat.

For modularity, we designed the infinity mirror with an integrated controller that allows for both 12V or 5V USB-C power options.


Flawless, even illumination stood out in the retail environment.  Both color temperature and light intensity were precisely coordinated among all illuminated elements. The finished display reinforced Samsung’s branding and supported their high-end quality.