Light Years Ahead

By Erin Eliason
September 13, 2019

Looking back at nine years of innovation, and forward into our tenth year and beyond, there’s no doubt a steady hum of excitement surrounds LightBoard Technologies. The better part of a decade has paid off in steady growth, from the beginning as a one-man operation at a kitchen table to a diverse team of employees in a newly expanded production space.

Led by the ultimate LED geek—President Peter Sussman, in conjunction with his team of Illumineers—LightBoard Technologies has become the defacto in-house lighting solutions provider for many of our customers. Our customer-partnership business model separates us from other LED providers—the repackage and resell-type providers—and it’s from this niche that we’ve forged success. 

What Peter has created is an LED manufacturer that functions as a partner to our customers—the key has always been to nurture those relationships by solving some of their toughest illumination challenges. And we’ve been fortunate to be involved with customers who build retail display fixtures for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Those relationships that define our business model also shape the way we innovate. Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum or some laboratory far removed from our customers. We don’t just throw stuff at a wall and see what sticks.

Through years of working together with retail fixture manufacturers, we’ve tackled a multitude of technological challenges. Innovation has been essential to providing the best LED solutions for their project and budget. Whether it’s developing new LED circuit designs, producing to custom specifications, or unique programming for light sequencing and events, we ensure that our customers receive the best solutions—not just whatever products are available in the market.

Along the way, we’ve developed several products that have been awarded their own patents, including our TriOptix™ and TrésMate™. These LightBoard Technologies-exclusive products add even more solutions to the arsenal we make available to our customers.

We’ve proudly hung these patent plaques along our hallway—conspicuously leaving several feet of empty wall space beyond. There’s so much more room to grow in this space. This year has brought a real push for growth and awareness of our company and products. With a refreshed website and customer resources, product animations, social accounts, blogs, and more, we hope to educate our customers and prospects about how they can meet their lighting challenges head on. 

Going into 2020, expect to see multiple product evolutions in both lensing and higher-voltage LEDs. For our customers, lensing—both wide angle and oval—provides further flexibility in light box depth without hotspotting. For perimeter light bars, lensing enhances light distribution for perimeter lighting. Higher voltage LEDS mean decreased circuit and package size, yet again providing further flexibility for our customers.

Beyond that, anticipate developments in consumer-interfaces. That means things like dimmers that people can set, customized programming and timers for sequencing, and motion sensors to activate lighting events. Retail moves quickly, and we’re set to move at the speed of light.

Pulling from the abundance of lighting metaphors at our disposal, we must say that the future of LightBoard Technologies shines LED-bright.