Introducing Optix170™ Edge. Our most efficient direct backlighting solution.

By Lightboard Technologies
June 16, 2022

LightBoard Technologies continues to drive innovation within the LED lighting segment for in-store retail displays.  Since incorporating the first optix lens technology for backlighting into the Optix170™ line, the evolution of the Optix line continues with the introduction of the Optix170™ Edge.  Building on all the attributes of the previous generations, the Optix170™ Edge proves to be an ultra-efficient version of the line.  While making improvements in energy efficiencies, the Edge does not give up any brightness.  If your project calls for a backlighting solution, then you should check out the Optix170™ Edge.

Energy Savings & Performance

Our Optix170 Edge LED lighting system for backlighting provides maximum light with minimum power so you don’t have to give up performance for energy efficiency 

  • 40% less power consumption than previous Optix systems
  • Optimal brightness at 360 lumens per bar
  • Fewer power supplies for reduced energy costs
  • Uses metal substrate for optimal heat dispersion and thermal management

More Reasons to Try

Efficiency and performance are not the only reasons to go with the new Optix170™ Edge

  • Designed for easy installation 
  • 170 degree lenses for optimal light dispersion in shallow light boxes as thin as 2” 
  • Light weight and rollable for cost-effective shipping and installation
  • Lights are dimmable and can be used with standard PWM dimmers 
  • Customizable lengths and can be built to spec
  • UL Listed