By Lightboard Technologies
March 3, 2020

LED Light Panels: A Versatile Retail Lighting Solution  LED Light panels–also known as LGPs or light guide plates–are among our most popular retail lighting solutions, offering bright, even illumination in a variety of shapes and sizes. Light panels are created using LED light strips placed on the edge of an acrylic panel.  Because light likes … Continue reading “Product Showcase: Light Panels”

By Lightboard Technologies
February 5, 2020

Light is a universal experience, but not a simple one. In fact, it’s one of the most complex phenomena we experience, and understanding lighting measurement can go a long way to ensuring a successful project.  To help our customers explore the complex language of light measurement, we called on our knowledgeable Engineering Advisor—Brad Klassen. Read … Continue reading “#LightLearning: the Language of Light Measurement”

By Erin Eliason
December 19, 2019

We have much to be thankful for here at LightBoard Technologies. It’s been another good year with a great team supporting our innovation as we challenge norms in the LED marketplace.  But, most of all, we get to work with some great customers.   And it’s a great time for us to express our gratitude for … Continue reading “May Your Holidays Be Bright”

By Lightboard Technologies
December 3, 2019

We continually strive to provide LED light solutions that offer the best value for our customers.  As part of this effort, we divide our manufacturing capabilities across multiple facilities, both domestic and overseas, for a two-pronged approach providing greater flexibility, shorter lead times, and better service.     Our primary facility, located in Golden Valley, … Continue reading “Two-Pronged Approach to LED Manufacturing”

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