Product Showcase: Light Panels

By Lightboard Technologies
March 3, 2020

LED Light Panels: A Versatile Retail Lighting Solution 

LED Light panels–also known as LGPs or light guide plates–are among our most popular retail lighting solutions, offering bright, even illumination in a variety of shapes and sizes. Light panels are created using LED light strips placed on the edge of an acrylic panel. 

Because light likes to follow a straight path through acrylic, an outside force is needed to disrupt that path and push it through the face of the acrylic. This disruption is done by printing onto the surface of panel, laser-etching, or by embedding particles within the acrylic as it’s formed. Different patterns, densities and depths provide a wide range of options from which to choose.  

A white substrate is added to the back of the panel to help reflect light out the front and enhance the light output. For this we use WhiteOptics, a brand-name and patented reflective material, to optimize efficiencies and gain about 20% improvement in light output. 

Light panels are typically offered in a range of color temperatures and brightnesses. Depending on the size of the panel, one, two, or all 4 sides may be edge lit with LED strips to provide the desired brightness. The dot or laser-etched pattern on the surface of the acrylic can also be modified to improve lighting performance.  

An extruded rigid metal frame can be used along the edges of the light panel to secure the LEDs in place. This extrusion isn’t mandatory, but it does provide two distinct benefits. First, it dissipates the heat created from the LEDs and prolongs their life. Second, it supports the weight of the acrylic, preventing sag in larger panels.  

In extrusion-free light panels, LEDs can be embedded directly into the acrylic or attached to another substrate that secures the LEDs in place. This is a great option for unique light panel shapes with organic, rounded edges. One consideration in moving away from metal substrate is the heat generated can greatly reduce the lifespan of an LED and means much lower powered LEDs should be used—making the panel less bright.  

Light panels effectively illuminate light boxes as thin as ½”. For the thinnest applications, a Duratrans or other graphic substrate can be placed directly onto the acrylic of the panel. Light panels without any graphic, although evenly illuminated, are typically covered with a diffuser to soften the visual effect. 


Light boxes or frames using LGP panels as a light source are an excellent solution for nearly any application where uniform light is desired. Their many retail applications include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Signage & wayfinding
  • Display fixtures
  • Acrylic lettering
  • Ambient lighting

The Pros & Cons

Bright, even light across panelSize constraints –
maximum of 60” x 118”
Thin light boxes – as thin as ½”Rigidity and weight =
higher shipping costs
Easy installation and limited maintenanceDifficult to perform field repairs 


While there are many resources for light panels, LightBoard Technologies offers a variety of unique options and proprietary solutions to meet the needs and specifications of your project:

  • Custom sizes—up to a maximum of 60” x 118”
  • Custom shapes—rectangular, triangular, & round
  • Double-sided available
  • Acrylic thickness of 2mm and up
  • Optimized etch pattern for best-in-class illumination
  • Variety of color temperatures, from 3500K-7000K
  • RGB and RGBW options
  • Programmable for dynamic light
  • UL listed 
  • 3-year warranty

The Best LED Lighting Solution for You 

Choosing the best LED solution for your application can be difficult. Luckily, our team of lighting experts have years of experience working in the retail environment and LED industry. Contact us today for personalized assistance in choosing the best solution for your retail project.