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LightBoard Technologies shines with expertise in LED illumination for retail displays and we would like to be your collaborative partner. We are uniquely positioned to bring you innovative and workable LED lighting solutions that will exceed your objectives. Unlike many LED companies, we use only technologically advanced LEDs, circuit designs, and components that deliver dependable lighting for commercial applications. Our planners and engineers can provide innovative custom designs or cost-efficient proprietary customizable solutions for your lighting project. Whatever LED application challenge you face, our team will find you the best solution.

Engineering a Solution – Transforming Concept into Reality

It all starts with a conversation. We learn your objectives and from there we leverage our signature blend of resources & knowledge – from LED engineering expertise to custom production capabilities. Supported by a sound understanding of retail marketing, we create an LED lighting solution designed to maximize the visual impact of your retail display.

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Engineering & Manufacturing – Commercial-Grade Quality

Unlike many of our competitors, we control the engineering and manufacturing of our LED products from start to finish. Our team of engineers work closely with our planners to ensure that our design meets your objectives. In addition, we use LEDs from top-tier suppliers and partner with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This means you get a commercial-grade LED product of higher quality and greater consistency, with assured success and dependability – guaranteed!

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Custom Assembly – Making it Work for You

Your lighting project is unique. With this in mind, we manufacture to your specifications and provide in-house custom assembly, when needed. From custom LED specifications to simple connector add-ons and unique configurations, we can create and build an LED assembly that meets your lighting objectives and simplifies your installation.

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Support – Being There for You

We provide the consultation and guidance you need to get your lighting project off the ground and provide support beyond delivery of your LEDs and components. From installation guidelines to field training materials to warranty support and answering your unique technological questions, we make it our mission to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our products and services.

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LED Applications

Our job is to meet your needs with the most efficient and effective LED lighting application. Three of the most common retail display lighting applications are outlined below, along with a sampling of our proprietary LED products that have been developed for each application.

Passionately Committed to Your Success

LightBoard Technologies has a strong team with a diverse set of skills and extensive knowledge in LED lighting and retail marketing. We’re experts in LED illumination of in-store retail displays and we’re committed to your success. From the start, your goals become our goals and we face your challenges head on. We engineer an LED lighting solution that works for you – and your customers. In the end, your success is our success. That’s just how our partnerships work!


Value Engineering for Better Performance and Lower costs.
Value Engineering for Better Performance and Lower costs.
July 28, 2022

At LightBoard Technologies we leverage our experience and knowledge in LED lighting to engineer products that enhance performance and improve efficiencies.  As our portfolio of LED lighting products, designed specifically for in-store retail display fixtures, continues to grow,  our focus is on creating advancements that drive more impact at the point-of-sale.  Since customers have told us they are looking for light engines that can deliver this impact with maximum value, we’ll continue to design our products to meet these needs. Performance Our focus has been to continually analyze the current functionality of our products within the ever changing marketplace and identify opportunities for improvement. These designs take into consideration evolving technologies, simplifying installation, using less costly material, and using fewer and/or lighter materials.  We evaluate our designs based how efficiently they achieve the desired objectives.  In many cases, new designs provide both cost savings and enhanced performance.  Benefits of Designing for Value Brighter outputEasier installation Optimal light dispersion Cost-effective shipping and installationCustomizable componentsPower efficiencyBetter thermal management LightBoard Technologies has received numerous patents that demonstrate our commitment to innovative engineering.
Introducing Optix170™ Edge. Our most efficient direct backlighting solution.
Introducing Optix170™ Edge. Our most efficient direct backlighting solution.
June 16, 2022

LightBoard Technologies continues to drive innovation within the LED lighting segment for in-store retail displays.  Since incorporating the first optix lens technology for backlighting into the Optix170™ line, the evolution of the Optix line continues with the introduction of the Optix170™ Edge.  Building on all the attributes of the previous generations, the Optix170™ Edge proves to be an ultra-efficient version of the line.  While making improvements in energy efficiencies, the Edge does not give up any brightness.  If your project calls for a backlighting solution, then you should check out the Optix170™ Edge. Energy Savings & Performance Our Optix170 Edge LED lighting system for backlighting provides maximum light with minimum power so you don’t have to give up performance for energy efficiency  40% less power consumption than previous Optix systemsOptimal brightness at 360 lumens per barFewer power supplies for reduced energy costsUses metal substrate for optimal heat dispersion and thermal management More Reasons to Try Efficiency and performance are not the only reasons to go with the new Optix170™ Edge Designed for easy installation 170 degree lenses for optimal light dispersion in shallow light boxes as thin as 2” Light weight and rollable for cost-effective shipping and installationLights are dimmable and can be used with standard PWM dimmers Customizable lengths and can be built to specUL Listed
Our LED Light Panels just got 33% more efficient
Our LED Light Panels just got 33% more efficient
June 6, 2022

Innovations to our LED lights along with the evolution in acrylic light guide plates has improved efficiency and performance  LightBoard Technologies strives to provide the most innovative lighting solutions for the retail display market.  Over the last few years, we have taken giant strides to provide our customers with the best light panels in the market.  Our engineers have made improvements in lighting performance with a focus on minimizing costs.  At the same time, we have partnered with an industry leader in laser dotting technology to ensure optimal results in carrying light across the light guide plate. In the end, the marriage of efficient LEDs with enhanced light guide plates has led to a superior lighting solution for your project. Energy Savings & Performance  Our ongoing research and design has led to a more efficient light panel allowing for a reduction in the amount of energy needed while still maintaining a high level of brightness 33% less power consumption than previous panelsUniform light for consistent dispersion Fewer power supplies for reduced energy costsOptimal brightness for enhanced graphics More Reasons to Try  Efficiency and performance are just some of the reasons to go with our next generation of light panels  Fewer materials means less waste, reduced weight and lower shipping costs Optimum thermal management for longer lifeDomestic assembly translates to competitive pricing and shorter lead timesCustom built for your applicationConstant current technology available for even illumination across large panels Light panels are dimmable and can be used with standard PWM dimmersCan be produced using 100% recycled acrylic 
Designing with Light: 5 Ways to Utilize Lighting in Retail
Designing with Light: 5 Ways to Utilize Lighting in Retail
March 23, 2020

1. Capture the Eye Light penetrates the clutter of a crowded marketplace, enlivens colors and makes space come alive. The eyes are naturally drawn to illuminated objects and spaces. Whether it’s soft, broad backlighting, or the sharp contrast of accent lighting, light inevitably draws the eyes and holds them for longer.  2. Reinforce Brand  Just as color and shape can define a brand—think John Deere’s iconic green and yellow or Nike’s infamous swoosh—so too does light. Many brands cleverly utilize light as an exclusive differentiator. The clean, white light of an Apple store is as signature to its brand as its apple logo. The luminous green of Xbox and the glowing, golden arches of McDonald’s are vital to their respective brands.  3. Define Space Differentiating retail spaces is as critical to brands as distinguishing one logo from another. Whether it’s a subtle glow or giant, flashing arrows pointing consumers directly to a product, lighting separates environments and products from one another. And this creates a choice for consumers: the choice between focusing their attention on one brand versus another.   4. Establish Mood  Light creates ambiance, helping to set the mood of an environment. Imagine an October night without the flickering, orange glow of grinning jack-o-lanterns. The Fourth of July without the luminous crackle of fireworks against the dark sky. Or a rock concert illuminated only with overhead fluorescent tubes, faintly buzzing in the silence between sets.  5. Create Experiences Brick and mortar retailers are leveraging experiential marketing to do what online stores cannot: create memorable customer experiences. Designers have a powerful tool at their disposal to evoke one of the most fundamental of human stimuli.