LightBoard Technologies News for Fall 2017

By Lightboard Technologies
October 21, 2017

Exciting things are happening at LightBoard Technologies as the company winds down a busy 2017 and starts plans for 2018.

LightBoard Technologies is finishing off the year with a fresh website. The new site offers a more robust experience for visitors and features an in-depth exploration of LED lighting applications for retail displays. According to President & CEO, Peter Sussman, “it is important to give our customers a place to gather information that will allow them to become more knowledgeable about retail display applications of commercial LEDs and how LightBoard Technologies can help find the right solution.” Sussman added, “Our business model is based upon customer collaboration with a high level of service, which is more easily fulfilled with multiple levels of customer engagements.”

Additionally, LightBoard Technologies is expanding their office and warehouse space to accommodate their growth. The added space is needed to ensure the highest level of service for customers by providing room for large custom assembly projects. Sussman noted that LightBoard Technologies is positioning itself for growth by taking a solution-based approach to our customer’s lighting challenges and the extra space will allow us to more easily achieve our goals.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from LightBoard Technologies as we look to keep ahead of the LED technological curve.

12 October 2017

LightBoard Technologies News for Fall 2017

LightBoard Technology is a privately held LED technology development company that focuses on the in-store display marketplace. Peter Sussman, who is considered an innovative entrepreneur and an expert in LED lighting solutions for display lighting, founded LightBoard Technoloty in 2010. The LightBoard Technology research, marketing, and product development campus is located in Minneapolis, MN, USA.