Value Engineering for Better Performance and Lower costs.

At LightBoard Technologies we leverage our experience and knowledge in LED lighting to engineer products that enhance performance and improve efficiencies.  As our portfolio of LED lighting products, designed specifically for in-store retail display fixtures, continues to grow,  our focus is on creating advancements that drive more impact at the point-of-sale.  Since customers have told … Continue reading “Value Engineering for Better Performance and Lower costs.”

Introducing Optix170™ Edge. Our most efficient direct backlighting solution.

LightBoard Technologies continues to drive innovation within the LED lighting segment for in-store retail displays.  Since incorporating the first optix lens technology for backlighting into the Optix170™ line, the evolution of the Optix line continues with the introduction of the Optix170™ Edge.  Building on all the attributes of the previous generations, the Optix170™ Edge proves … Continue reading “Introducing Optix170™ Edge. Our most efficient direct backlighting solution.”

Product Showcase: Light Panels

Light Panels

LED Light Panels: A Versatile Retail Lighting Solution  LED Light panels–also known as LGPs or light guide plates–are among our most popular retail lighting solutions, offering bright, even illumination in a variety of shapes and sizes. Light panels are created using LED light strips placed on the edge of an acrylic panel.  Because light likes … Continue reading “Product Showcase: Light Panels”