Our team faced new challenges in this packaging opportunity, as it presented a departure from our typical lighting projects. In this case the lighting of a unique package design, featuring a delicate balance of quality and cost, durability and sleekness, innovation and effectiveness. 


  • Small, lightweight, and inexpensive
  • Embedded trigger for delayed operation
  • Battery operated
  • Manage run time to conserve power


As traditional illumination components weren’t a fit for this project, we needed to develop a custom solution. Leveraging our design and manufacturing capabilities, we created an ultra-thin light panel using proprietary LEDs. This reduced the final weight, thickness, battery usage and cost of the final packaging.

To preserve battery life, the light needed to remain off until customer engagement. We created a capacitive touch controller to activate the lighting feature at time of user interaction, as well as custom programming to limit its illumination time to conserve power.


Dynamic and elegant, a once static package comes alive with interactive light. The enhanced packaging design positioned the brand as high quality and innovative while remaining light and portable.

Impressed by its functionality and impact, the customer placed a second order.