Our team was challenged to create a solution to fit within set specifications of this unique prefabricated desk blotter.  As a focal point for an executive meeting, this blotter needed to intrigue meeting attendees while adhering to brand standards. 


  • Ultra-thin profile design
  • Subtle, even illumination
  • 5V USB, battery operation
  • Integrate an on-off switch
  • +3 hours illumination


Custom, 5-volt LED light strips were tailored to match light color and intensity across two differently sized light panels. Our team sourced an ultra-thin battery power pack that balanced cost with run-time.

Assembly of the lighting components within this ultra-thin desk blotter presented several challenges.  First, faced with an ultra-thin design, we had to layer the supporting lighting components (White Optics, acrylic panels, and diffuser) to lay flush to account for the LED thickness without distorting the light.  Next, minimal space for wiring required hardwiring both light panels together before installation. 

We chose to hand-deliver the lighting components and battery power packs to the customer to provide support that ensured a smooth, trouble-free installation. 


Subtle, perfectly synced light draws attention to key elements of the blotter while accenting the brand’s distinct color palette.

Although intended to be used only for the meetings, these blotters were so attractive that several attendees requested to keep them for personal use.