Our team was given the challenge of lighting a set of letters to support the release of the new high definition Samsung 4K televisions. Thick acrylic letters, used to create a 3-dimensional look and feel, needed a lighting solution to create even illumination across different sizes and shapes.


  • Uniform illumination
  • Seamless integration
  • Heat management
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable


We developed custom circuit boards to provide flexibility in spacing of LEDs and supporting components so each letter had a slightly different light output depending on size and shape.  This allowed for optimal lighting consistency across all letters. The circuit boards effectively provided a built-in heatsink to control temperature of LEDs.   

The circuit boards also simplified the installation of the LED lights to the acrylic letters – cutting labor costs in half versus other lighting applications. 

 Our team also managed the development of a wiring system and power options to support an easy solution for in-store installation and service.


The resulting configuration provided an impressive wall display that drew attention to this prime store location in which these new Samsung 4K televisions were merchandised.  The letters were bright, evenly illuminated, and overall supported the branding of this new, high-end television model.