This project challenged our team to move outside our wheelhouse with a request to include a motorized element to showcase the slow motion and low light camera features.  In addition to this motorized pinwheel, the display required illumination of multiple pieces along with a logo.


  • Uniform light across all elements
  • Motorized pinwheel
  • Life span of several months
  • Modularity for multiple configurations


We sourced and developed all elements for the motorized pinwheel, including an integrated CPU and driver.  When activated, our custom program drives the motor through several smooth cycles to demonstrate product features. 

Illumination elements for the logo and blue display platters were created in adherence to Samsung’s brand standards and for even, continuous light across different components.

Several iterations of the lighting elements were designed for the various fixture configurations, including wiring and power options, to support modularity for multiple configurations across  several store platforms.

We also managed the process of attaining UL approvals for the motorized and lighting components.


Eye-catching and interactive, this fixture brought several disparate elements into a cohesive brand showcase with even illumination and unique functionality. The lighting and motorized pinwheel worked flawlessly with an extended shelf life of more than several months.