Case Study

Lansing Community College Conference Center


LightBoard Technologies was tapped to provide LED accent lighting for Lansing Community College’s new, unique conference center. This project challenged our team to provide a lighting solution outside our typical focus on retail environments.  It required uniform backlighting across two separate spaces and included multiple elements stretching over approximately 400 square feet.


  • Evenly illuminate around irregular shapes
  • Custom layout & wiring
  • Efficiently distribute & conceal power supplies
  • Turnkey assembly for easy installation


This project was custom designed from the bottom up using roughly 700 of LightBoard Technologies proprietary Optix170™ LED light bars with custom lenses to illuminate several large light boxes.

Custom array patterns were used to match the architectural configuration of each wall.

Custom wiring and tactical engineering assured easy installation and efficient use of power. 


On first impression—and beyond—this larger-than-life wall of light captivates visitors and enhances the environment. Uniformity of light provides consistent ambiance through separate spaces. At  4100K color temperature, the soft light brightens without overwhelming the room, keeping the space warm and welcoming.